Antonio (Tony) Kenner's exposure to music started at a very early age. His mother, Doris Jackson, was a member of the 1950's girl group called the SHIRELLS. Specifically, Tony has been exposed to a variety of entertainers from the back drop of New York's Apollo Theatre to his family home in Passaic, New Jersey, where music was a constant. This wealth of music ranged from gospel, rhythm and blues to rock and roll. Amidst this musical environment, Tony learned the basics of playing an alto saxophone while in Jr. High School. However, as he approached high school his enthusiasm and involvement in sports quickly replaced his interest in playing an instrument. Thus, his interest in the saxophone was interrupted for a number of years. Although music has always been an intricate part of his life, it was the painful passing of his mother in 2000 that sparked his present expression of music via the alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones. Tony feels that it was only by God's grace that he was able to work through the bereavement of his mother’s passing via the saxophone. How else, upon her passing, could he have rented both a soprano and alto saxophone and through the grief process be reacquainted with these instruments? Tony is now fully participating in ministry, currently a saxophonist at the Faith Fellowship Community Church in Sacramento, California, Tony feels truly blessed to be a part of the music ministry. He counts it a genuine blessing to be able to interchangeably play the alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones throughout various songs of the worship service. With limited early instruction received as a child, and limited music classes obtained as an adult, Tony attributes his talent as a gift from God he intends to strengthen and improve via hard work and God's will. However, it is strong spiritual foundation, which has inspired him to write music and record. In 2004 Tony founded the band PROPHECY which plays a variety of genres including R&B, Jazz, Funk and Old School. The band released the CD, REFLECTIONS in 2005. Reflections was recorded with Tony's band which is PROPHECY.... (for more info on the band or CD please visit

Currently Tony recently released his first solo project entitled JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE which he dedicated to his mother. It is a combination of Contemporary Jazz and Funk music, co-written and Produced by Ron Moton.